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The Teaching-Tutor Program: 1 Teacher-to-1 Student:

One Subject-Specific Teacher / Expert Tutor will work with your son or daughter and teach him or her the course material throughout the school year to ensure mastery. We’ll also fill in gaps in understanding from the current and previous year’s material.

We work with students of all ages, from elementary-age children to high school students. In addition, many of our students who are now attending colleges and universities continue to receive tutoring for various courses.

Please know that our tutors are not just capable of tutoring the subjects to which they are assigned, they are experts in their respective subjects. They are capable of teaching these courses from start-to-finish.

Subjects We Tutor:
All levels, including Honors and Advanced Placement



Natural Science


We pride ourselves on providing our students and parents with much more than tutoring. Our Subject-Expert Tutors act as 1-on-1 Personal Teachers and:

  • Possess a breadth of specialized academic knowledge within their respective subjects and an ability to convey even the most difficult material simply and clearly
  • Help students thoroughly prepare for quizzes, tests, and semester exams by providing them with a wide-range of questions and scenarios, even the most challenging, on which they may be potentially tested
  • Re-teach any course topics for students to clarify concepts and gain mastery over the material
  • Bridge any gaps from previous courses that may be hindering the student to excel within the subject area
  • Implement a “Go-Above-and-Beyond” Approach in collaboration with other team members, including parents, in helping each student achieve their overall academic goals

1-on-1 and Group Tutoring Sessions for students enrolled in homeschool programs are also available in all of these subjects.

Intensive Reviews and Weekly Tutoring for small groups are also available.

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