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International Students

The Leg Up for International Students

Collaborative Academic Program for International Students

In collaboration with U.S. private schools and a select guardianship organization, we provide full 1-on-1 intensive academic support, monitoring, and training for international students in grades 7-12 studying in American private schools. Students receive 1-on-1 assistance with their mainstream classes, including English / Literature, World & U.S. History, Biology, Math, Foreign Languages, Chemistry, and AP Courses.

During the summer, students can also receive intensive academic preparation for their upcoming classes before the school year begins. As well, they can work 1-on-1 with our teachers / tutors to improve their essay writing skills, higher level vocabulary, grammar, speaking / presentation skills, and U.S. cultural and historical knowledge, which will be necessary as they transition into the American school system. Our Academic Immersion Program helps international students easily immerse into their academic classes in the U.S.

We also provide intensive SAT, ACT, TOEFL, and SSAT / ISEE Prep for international students planning to study at American preparatory day and boarding schools, colleges, and universities.

Our students stem from China, South Korea, Australia, Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia, Panama, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, and other countries around the world. They can receive tutoring while residing in their home countries as well as when they arrive in the United States. We are able to easily coordinate tutoring schedules, adjusted for time zone differences, for our international students.

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