The Lauzière Education Group was founded by Hassan and Kimberly Lauzière. The husband-and-wife team met in college although studying on “two different sides of campus.” Hassan was in the physics and mathematics departments, and Kimberly was in the English and literature department.

After graduating and finding themselves naturally cross-working within mathematics, science, and English education, Hassan and Kimberly began consulting high-profile educational organizations and parents on identifying and resolving academic problems encountered by students in their math, science, and English classes. Proud of the continuous improvement and success of their students, Hassan and Kimberly decided to apply their personal passion and dedication for education full-time and start providing consulting and 1-on-1 high quality tutoring for students in West Los Angeles. They eventually expanded their services to other cities across the country, including Atlanta where they are currently based, and worldwide.

Hassan and Kimberly have helped students with a wide-range of learning styles, strengths, and backgrounds as well as students with ADD and ADHD. They work with students attending private boarding schools, day schools, public schools, and home-schooling programs. They have extensive experience helping exceptionally high-scoring students who want to challenge themselves at a higher level or faster pace as well as students who are struggling in a subject area or class and need intensive 1-on-1 help to significantly boost their mastery and grades in a given subject or subjects.

Over the course of their 10 years of experience, they selectively expanded their team to include the absolute highest caliber of educational professionals. Their subject-expert tutors / teachers possess degrees and specific teaching experience in the subject areas in which they tutor.

Some of the companies for which they have worked include Houghton Mifflin’s Riverside Publishing, Edusoft, The Public Broadcasting Service, Discovery Communications’ Academy 1-2-3, and The Princeton Review, and they have provided tutoring and consulting for numerous high profile families.

Most importantly, however, they care about each student and helping them to achieve their academic goals, no matter how big or small. Contact The Lauzière Education Group for exceptional and customized private tutoring in Atlanta, across the country, and worldwide.